When they grow up, children change their thoughts about their favorite colors as often as they change their socks. So how to choose a parent is that what is the color of a child’s room? While a soft blue can be your idea of ​​the right background for a crib, as long as your child has any input, it can also understand it as “baby”. Instead, choose a color that can grow with your children, and focus on swapping lenses and accessories.

What about coloring their colors about your children’s thoughts, your street may not be completely. But work hard to give them input! This will give them a sense of ownership. With any luck, it will translate into good fortune-perhaps even in the form of keeping the room clean. If they choose bold colors that you think can be immersed in the room, compromise them as a tone on the wall, in the form of a boundary, or as a support for bookshelf. And there is no painting trim and ceiling shutdown; It does not have to be white

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