Painting on other measures to apply a solid surface, color, color, color or method. Medium is generally applied to the base with a brush, but those knives, sponge and airbrushes and other equipment can be used.

The art of creative expression, and many forms are painting. Between drawing, gesture, structure, narration, or other means of abstract, beauty, revealing revealing practitioner. 

Paintings represent consciousness and provide a natural, photo, essence, fiction, symbolistic, emotional or political nature (a still Life or landscape painting)

The eastern and western parts of both art history, art is the dominion of spiritual motifs and ideas.

Art, painting period describes both the act and the outcome of the action. Supporting on walls, paper, canvas, wood, glass, lacquer, clay, leaf, copper and there is a series of solid, and paintings, as well as sand, mud, paper, plaster, gold leaf and other objects, used items that Can be done as including. The word picture is also used in art form as a joint venture between artists and builders.