Polish Melamine Coating Process

Sanding: French, German, Spanish, as in most of the first soft paper [80 or No. 100] rough paper [50 or not. 60] If the surface is sanded.
Seal Coat: Melamine sealers are available in the market. Seal coat to be sprayed / first called. Seal, wood, melamine, and adhering to the surface is reduced by the application of increased absorption. Sailor takes about 12 hours to dry the coat.
Water with Paper Sanding paper [150 or No. 200] and the seal coat on the smooth surface of the water drying, is sanded. Besides the usual brown sand paper, watercolor paper, in black and in fact, an emery cloth on the cells is difficult. The paper is dipped in water and enough water is being used at the time of action Emery. The surface layers of sanding will be more easy to remove excess sealer.
Fillers fill melamine: special filling paste of various stains are available in the market and the only material to be used for polishing of melamine. By choosing the right filler, it is small or large holes must be filled. After the filler has dried, light sanding 4 to 6 hours in water with paper is used.

After this, the substrate is allowed to air for about 12 hours.
Coat melamine 1: melamine Polish usually is sprayed with a spray gun. Melamine polish comes in a two-pack system. And a small bottle containing a hardener tin containing melamine. Add an appropriate amount of melamine hardener before spraying. Compressed air from the compressor is supplied to a spray gun. Polish spraying a skilled job and should be done by a trained worker. Toxic gases are generated while spraying should be used as a mask worker. In fact, even after spraying, the production of toxic gases in the first hour and then in a well-ventilated area, except for a month smell lingers.
Re: sanding with water on paper: After the first coat has dried, the surface is sanded smooth water with the paper after about 24 hours. This is open to the air for about 12 hours.
Final coat of polish melamine, melamine by spraying the final coat is the first coat.
There might be some changes in the process described above. Instead of a coat of French polish to seal with a coat of polish to men. But the recommended procedure described above. Changes should be avoided as far as possible.