There are multiple type of polish available for woodwork. French polish and Melamine based polishes are two options. French polish or Spirit polish is very economical and provides good gloss to wood.but it is not that durable and does not resist scratches or stains. It also looses shine quickly.

Melamine-based polish is discussed in this section. It is more expensive than French polish but  adds great beauty to the woodwork and resists  scratches. The polish is available in multiple stains that help getting the desired shade of wood. You can choose from the shades of teak, mahogany finishing, natural veneer style or other shades available. For exterior and interior application, there are different wood stains in the market so make sure you pick the right stain for the application

Wood filler/filling materials, staining, sealing material and top coat as per finish required such as Varnish, Spirit or French polish, Melamine based finish and tools for polishing.
To apply melamine based polish on a surface, remove all dust and dirt from it.

FOR best polish results start by sanding the wood with a sandpaper and dust it off. While doing the sandpaper, ask the painter to rub along the grain of wood and not against it.
The cracks and holes should be cleaned of dust and be filled with wood putty.
The surfaces should be finished smooth with the help of carpenter’s plane.
For exterior work, a normal dry day should be chosen because exposure to extreme heat, cold or damp atmosphere will spoil the work.
While applying varnish, care should be taken to avoid forming fume or air bubbles.
Brushes and containers should be kept clean.
Once the polish is applied, it should be allowed to dry completely before the next coat of polish is applied.