Do you have children at home or wait for your newborn baby? It was the happiest moment of your life, you are painting your child’s nursery wall. If you do not need to go with more expensive materials available on the market, you can also paint the wall on a budget. Here is a collection of pictures of your bedroom, kitchen and living room, great ideas.

How many times are we awake in our house colors, dull and boring, and do not wish for a change of color on the walls? Every opportunity you are looking for a powerful wall color design can bring more color to your home. Tired of the white walls, as well as adding your TVs, tired of a royal red background for your TV, you can add a special look, or an eye-opening color. You also make your kitchen and bedroom, modern, retro, traditional style wall color design, just do not stick with paint on your living room wall. Each of these rooms, in which with its own unique background makes it excellent for their homes. If you have a hand for art, you can make your own graffiti on the wall of your own canvas. False ceilings or wall decals will give you a more fashionable appearance.