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School Paintings

Discover the meticulous craftsmanship behind SAR Wall Decors. From hand-painted masterpieces to intricate wall sculptures, each piece is a testament to the fusion of art and design.


Transform your living spaces with SAR Wall Decors’ exquisite collection, blending timeless designs and contemporary aesthetics. Elevate your walls with sophistication that stands the test of time.

Wall Murals

SAR Wall Decors offers tailored solutions for diverse spaces. Whether it’s a cozy nook or a grand foyer, our curated designs cater to every corner, adding a personalized touch to your home or office.

3D Wall Paintings

Commitment to eco-friendly practices is at the heart of SAR Wall Decors. Embrace sustainable style with our thoughtfully crafted pieces, ensuring your space exudes beauty while being mindful of the environment

Elevation Mural Designs

Stay ahead of the curve with SAR Wall Decors’ trendsetting designs. Our collections are not just about decorating walls; they’re about making a statement. Explore the latest trends that transcend time and bring a fresh vibe to your space.

3D Wallpapers

At SAR Wall Decors, quality is non-negotiable. We take pride in delivering wall decor solutions that not only meet but exceed your expectations.